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REAP Application Assistance

We work with farms, rural small businesses, and energy installers of NC and SC, to move them through applications to the federal USDA-REAP grant, which covers 25% of renewable energy and energy efficiency project costs if awarded. What's the process? You scan and send us some necessary files, we have a couple of 15-minute phone calls with the applicant, and then we get the right information in all the right boxes of the right forms (and to all the right people/agencies) for you. Due to the stop/start nature of this application process, expect 2-4 weeks for us to jump through all the hoops for you!

Our fee is $1,000 per application if your project is $80,000 or less in total project costs. This fee can be paid by the installer or by the applicant. You get a 50% refund if your submitted application does not result in a REAP award being offered

We've assisted numerous farms and small businesses with the REAP grant in the past several years, most of whom received the award. Our process requires very little of your time and energy (most of your time will be in gathering and submitting the necessary documents that you already have). Our aim is to take the stress and the risk out of this process for your and your business.

We make it easy as...

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The USDA-REAP application is a multi-step process that cannot be completed in one sitting, or in one day. It requires registration of your business in multiple systems before the application form, subforms, and other collected and attached documents can be successfully submitted to your USDA Rural Development State Energy Coordinator. Our first step is to get all the necessary pieces in place for you: 

  • Your DUNS Registration

  • Your SAM.gov account activation, entity registration, and notarized letter mailing

  • Your tax returns (3 years)

  • Your proof of matching funds

  • Your technical reports, audits (for energy efficiency projects), quotes from contracted installers

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Once we've gathered your necessary documents and successfully registered your business on the necessary federal platforms, we begin the work of actually filling out your REAP application, along with its various sub-forms. Once we are finished, we will send them for your review. If it all looks good, you sign on the signature lines and return it to us. From there, we submit it on your behalf to the USDA State Energy Coordinator.  

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wait for award announcement

Once (and only once) the application has been successfully submitted, you can begin work on your energy project. However, there is no guarantee that you will get the award until after the awards are announced some time after the relevant grant deadline has passed, usually 2-3 months.

If your submitted application does not result in a REAP grant being offered to your rural small business or farm, we offer a 50% refund on our application completion fee.


If you decide you'd like us to complete your REAP application, please get in touch (info@energycap.org / 828-649-5115) to get started, or to ask any questions you might have.