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This grant program is funded exclusively by the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission.
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Our AgEnergy Grant Program is funded jointly by
the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission and
the NC Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund.


APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Submit your information through our Rural Energy Initiative portal.

When is this year's deadline?

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. If your project is awarded, it needs to be completed and paid for before October 31, 2019.

Who is eligible?

Individuals or entities directly engaged in agricultural production in the 30 western counties/units of North Carolina. (see map).

What projects are eligible?

Renewable energy systems (wind, solar, renewable biomass, micro-hydro, geothermal) or energy efficiency improvements that will benefit an agricultural production facility. Residences cannot benefit from the project. Technologies must be commercially available and feasible. Grants can only go toward post-application purchases/installations.

Visit our renewables page or our energy efficiency page to connect with installers in your area.

An energy efficiency project must demonstrate an improvement of current energy use (i.e. energy efficient new infrastructure is not eligible).

How much, and how is it awarded?

Grants go toward 25-40% of project costs. The precise amount that can be offered depends on the type and scope of the project.  Awards are competitive, and notification of award typically comes within 6 weeks of application submission deadline. Submitting an application does not constitute a requirement to complete the proposed project, nor does it constitute a guarantee of award. The award is delivered as a reimbursement after project is purchased in full and installed.

How do I apply?

Use our Rural Energy Initiative portal to let us know more about your farm, your farm’s energy profile, and your proposed project.

How can EnergyCAP help with your application?

Even if you don’t have a defined project in mind yet, you can use our Rural Energy Initiative portal to get started. From there, we can help with:

  • Over-the-phone or on-site guidance and consulting on project options

  • Connection with energy auditors, energy efficiency professionals, renewable energy installers

  • Identification of all funding opportunities, and assistance with applications

For questions or assistance with the process, call 828-649-5115 or email us at info@energycap.org.